About 'The Great Caruso'

The tenor, Enrico Caruso is considered to be, not only the greatest operatic voice of his era, but one of the first examples of a global media celebrity.

Born in Naples, Caruso began his career in the little church of San Giovani e Paolo adjacent to his home, and went on to become an international star.  His career, which includes hundreds of performances at the New York Metropolitan Opera; and an incredible list of performances through Europe and North and South America at Opera houses which included La Scala in Milan, the Royal Opera House and Covent Garden in London, the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg and the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires.  He was a pioneer as a recording artist and made nearly three hundred extant recordings for the Victor Talking Machine Company, and appeared in two early motion pictures.

We have produced a record of his life story, from his earliest days, with photographic and rare actual film.

Having been given access to hundreds of personal photographs, illustrations, caricatures and cartoons drawn by Caruso himself and rare film footage of his performances and moments in his personal life, our production presents an intimate glimpse into his colourful and gifted life.


About 'Christopher Columbus'

The name of Christopher Columbus is one of the biggest from the renaissance period.

The achievement of the 15th century Italian explorer Christopher Columbus in finding a direct water route from Europe to what is now North America, is a turning point in the history of world discovery.

Born in Genoa, with years of seafaring background, Columbus was determined to find a direct water route west from Europe to Asia because of the many trading centres, which at that time were supplying exotic and luxury goods for Europe; but instead, he discovered America.

After years of negotiations in Italy and then with the Monarchs of Spain and Portugal, eventually his proposal was accepted by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain, and in April 1492 three ships under his command set out from Spain on their voyage of discovery.

This is the story of his life’s achievements, beginning at his place of birth and includes our journey on the replica of his flagship the Santa Maria, sailing the Atlantic; and his triumphant arrival at the island of San Salvador, where he made first landfall of the American continent.


Antony Luciano has directed and produced one-off documentaries for international release, including:

• The Great Caruso “Il Grande Caruso”
• John Cabot “Navigator of the Renaissance”
• Christopher Columbus “Journey to the New World”
• Guglielmo Marconi “The Pioneer of Wireless”
• Himalaya
• Antartica
• Venezuela "Towards the Future"
• Canada "New horizons"
• Mosaic "The Italians of USA"
• Sport for the Handicapped